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About PNK – in my vision

I always had outmost respect for long-lasting brands that maintain their spirit over the years. I knew PNK before working for them as a model and I always thought they are an international brand, not a local one. Clean cuts, always with a twist, are embraced with a happy flirty spirit that is always present in their designs.
After working with them as a model for almost one year I discovered not only that they are a great team passionate about fashion and cool designs but also genuinely kind people.



I am a lucky girl. I won a genetic lottery and becoming a model was probably the best thing that happened to me. However, I was always aware that looks are not everything, but rather evanescent. I always manage to balance modeling with the school.
After high school, I graduated “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest in 2017.
I have always been drawn to the fine arts and design side more than the technical science. I’ve been painting since I was little, and my first love was the watercolor technique. Everywhere I traveled I used to carry a notebook with me, with blank postcards and a small watercolor set.



One day while we were shooting for a new collection, I heard Georgiana, in addition to the suggestions of the production team, trying to solve the technical problems of a print. I admired how she coordinated all the activity, both the production set and the technical or graphic problems of the collection and I offered to help her.
I always flirted with the idea of ​​bringing together the knowledge of architecture and drawing skills with fashion design. We started to expand the collaboration from modeling by working together on small graphic retouches and so the idea of ​​a dedicated capsule collection was born.
I was thrilled! For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to be on the other side of the barricade and I am grateful to Georgiana for her trust in this project. I hope you enjoy it!
The PNK * ANA collection includes a series of t-shirts and sweatshirts in which all the drawings were made in watercolor and then digitalized by Ana Ștefănescu and also other new products in the purest Young & Cool PNK style!
The proposed prints — palm trees, surfboards, and inspirational messages, transposed from brush to textile — capture the sense of freedom, relaxation, and holiday that we may now miss the most.

View the PNK * ANA collection here.

PNK New Collection